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Goulter's Vinegar Power, Organic Vinegar Products, Nelson, New Zealand

Goulter’s Vinegar Products is proud to say we are a family run business based in Nelson. The company is based around the expertise of the proprietor Tim Goulter who has forty-two years’ experience as a wine and vinegar maker.  Tim established Goulter’s Vinegar Company in 1997 and now supplies us with vinegars which we market under Goulter’s Vinegar Products Ltd.   In 2003 the Company gained an Asure Quality Organic Certification for our raw organic apple cider vinegar.

We currently sell our organic cider vinegar worldwide and have recently gained our Halal Accreditation Certificate. We produce Organic ACV (5.7 - 6.2%) acetic acid, as well as double strength vinegar (8.4%) acetic acid.

Our organic apple cider vinegar is authentic which is why we DON'T dilute it with water.
During the fermentation process mother nature naturally places the acetic level of the organic ACV to between 5.7 and 6.2% - all depending on the seasonal growth of the apples.

During the fermentation process the vinegar naturally lightens and can darken overtime in the bottle as the mother grows. A TRUE organic ACV is not naturally dark after it has been processed from the apple juice into vinegar this darkening process will take a long period of time and only happens because “the mother” grows and with that the colour gets richer.
Goulter's have been producing Marinades for over 15years enquiries to Charlie 027 8463 111

We have just released our natural all purpose domestic and commercial cleaner CITROGAR.
CITROGAR Multipurpose cleaner can be bought online in bulk from our web site. It is antiseptic and antibacterial. 

Our delicious Kiwi fruit vinegar is NOW in various supermarkets in the South Island. If your supermarket does not stock this product then you can request them to do so.
Kiwi fruit vinegar has as many health benefits as the organic ACV - some people find the apple cider vinegar too potent, if so, you will find our new kiwi fruit vinegar to be allot milder in taste and just as delicious in salad dressings and marinades.

Why buy Goulter’s organic ACV?

1. Simply because it is NOT WATERED down before bottling hence our acetic acid level being very high. This means you as the buyer are getting more value for money as you need less ACV in your glass when making your health tonic. This is the major difference between our vinegar and other Vinegars currently on the market.

2. Vinegar like a good red wine gets better with time. The flavour enhances as well as the the mother keeps growing.

Our Philosophy 

Like our Goulter’s Product tag line –


We pride ourselves on being an honest hardworking company producing great quality products for our customers so they will naturally choose to do business with us – always! We believe in the POWER OF VINEGAR hence our passion to use nature in the way she was intended!

Building great relationships with our clients will ensure a smooth operation and flow of business.


Goulter's Cider Vinegar

I LOVE this product!  Being a cancer survivor, eating and drinking healthy products (especially organic) is a vital part of my lifestyle.    
Goulter's Cider Vinegar fits the bill in this respect........

I am a 53 year old woman who was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my early 20’s. IBS is one of those problems that always seemed to crop up at the most awful times and sometimes it didn’t seem to matter what I had eaten. Aside from that I have no health issues and do not take any................

Goulter's Cider Vinegar

I LOVE this product!  Being a cancer survivor, eating and drinking healthy products (especially organic) is a vital part of my lifestyle. Goulter's Cider Vinegar fits the bill in this respect due to the high levels of antioxidants associated with apples and........ - Fay Christie

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Available from Fresh Choice & Raeward Fresh- South Island as well as THROUGHOUT THE NORTH ISLAND FOODSTUFF STORES - NEW WORLDS, PAK N SAVES & SOME FOUR SQUARE'S

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Health 2000 Hastings 235 Heretaunga St W, St Leonards, Hastings 4122 06 876 7107
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