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All Natural Vinegar Cleaner

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From: $6.00

All natural multi-purpose cleaner that combines vinegar with citric acid to create a powerful cleaning agent to use on tiles, baths, drains, sinks, bench tops, stove tops, floors and even fireplace glass doors.


Our range of All Natural Vinegar Cleaners comes in three delicious scents and replaces our previous multipurpose cleaner Citrogar.

These multipurpose cleaners are made with acetic acid (vinegar) and citric acid (lemon) which synergise to create a powerful cleaning agent with NO residual chemicals.

Plus, it acts as a disinfectant because the acetic acid kills odours and most moulds, bacteria and germs.

Vinegar’s acidity is what makes this such a good cleaner. Because vinegar is so acidic, it can dissolve soap scum, hard water and even glue residue left behind by stickers.

Choose the right Vinegar Cleaner for you

Vinegar is a safe, wonderful, economical and environmentally friendly cleaning product.

Goulter’s All Natural Vinegar Cleaner is available in three delicious all-natural scents; Lemon Love, Grannie’s Apples and Manuka Magic.

Goulter’s All Natural Vinegar Cleaner is available ready to use as well as in concentrate. The ready-to-use variety comes in 500ml trigger bottle, 5lt and 20lt containers.

The concentrate variety is available in 5lt, 20lt and 224lt* containers from our sister website https://www.naturalherbicide.co.nz/.

* For bulk enquiries please contact us directly

All Natural Vinegar Cleaner features

  • Naturally disinfectant and antibacterial cleaner.
  • Fully biodegradable in water, soil and atmosphere.
  • Leaves NO residue.
  • Available in three natural scents; Lemon Love, Grannie’s Apples and Manuka Magic.


  • The all natural formulation is suitable for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals so is safe to use around children and animals.
  • Multipurpose cleaner suitable to clean anything from tiles to baths, drains and sinks, stove tops, floors, fireplace glass doors and windows.
  • NOTE: When cleaning windows with Goulter’s Vinegar Cleaner only do so on a cool day as on a hot day the vinegar dissipates into the atmosphere too quickly which can leave smudges on the glass.


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