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The Goulter's story

The Goulter’s story started in 1997 and we’ve proudly been making the best vinegar products for your health and your home since then. Tim Goulter is a passionate wine and vinegar maker who founded Goulter’s.

More than two decades later we’re still a family owned and operated business based in sunny Nelson. With Tim’s expertise Goulter’s has continued to grow and in 2014 Tim’s nephew Charlie and his wife Trish joined Goulter’s. It is safe to say that vinegar runs in the families veins! We are dedicated to producing sustainable and affordable vinegar products.

Our expertise as vinegar making specialists is in our name – Goulter’s. We make a diverse range of vinegar products, the flagship one being our Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which is produced using only organic New Zealand apples.

Meet the Goulter's team from left; Geoff, Belinda, Trish, Charlie and Tim

Thriving & Innovative

Innovative products

Goulter’s are the first New Zealand company to produce a variety of products using vinegar as the base ingredient, the flagship product being our Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Right from the start we were determined to create products which are environmentally healthy and sustainable along with being affordable.

Over the years we’ve added a range of Apple Cider Vinegar products for your health and your home. They include New Zealand’s only Organic ACV dietary supplement Apple Cider Vinegar capsules, Honeygar and marinades for meat and fish. Kiwifruit Vinegar has a growing following – it’s softer in taste than Apple Cider Vinegar and very versatile in the kitchen!

Vinegar products for your home and garden

We changed the name of our popular Citrogar multipurpose cleaner to All Natural Vinegar Cleaner. The new cleaner comes in three all natural fragrances; Lemon Love, Manuka Magic and Grannie’s Apples.

Goulter’s are the first company in New Zealand to produce a natural herbicide from vinegar. WeedX is a non-toxic, effective weed controller that is sold through our sister website https://www.naturalherbicide.co.nz/. Have a look and discover how easy it is to naturally keep on top of those garden weeds!

Continuing to thrive

Goulter’s products are available from supermarkets, health food and organic stores throughout New Zealand. Some of these stores offer refill options to help you reduce waste. Check out our stockists page for a full overview. Our vinegar products are currently exported to six countries and we welcome wholesale  enquiries both from New Zealand and overseas.

We are always striving to offer products that are better for you, and for the world and love this Māori saying; Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi – With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

Forward Thinking

Increased capacity

By 2019 we had well and truly out-grown our existing 10,000 litre Acetator tank – this is where the vinegar making magic happens! So, we built another 20,000 litre tank using some good ol’ Kiwi Ingenuity. Combined with our new state-of-the-art bottle filler, labeller and capper, we now provide contract bottling services for our clients as well.

Sharing the health benefits of vinegar

The more you know about what makes a good vinegar, the easier it is to choose the best vinegar to support your own health and wellbeing and that of your loved ones. Health is our wealth!

This is why we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and educating people on  the many uses and benefits of vinegar. We see education as a key tool in helping people to decide what makes a superior honest vinegar. Check out the discover section on our website for the latest updates.

If you have any questions at all about vinegar or how to use it, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Simply fill out the contact form here, or give us a call on 03 546 5174.

Active in our local community

We believe very much in being part of our local community. It’s why we donate time and products to local organisations who believe in us and what we do at Goulter’s.

Goulter’s are proud members of the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce. We work closely with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to grow our export markets. We believe this will ensure not only the sustainable growth of our business but also our region.

Our Mission

To build an honest, thriving and sustainable business which produces natural, authentic, affordable products that lend themselves to the health and wellbeing of the environment and all of humankind. 

Healthy products icon

healthy products

We harness the power of nature in a growing range of vinegar products, without nasty chemicals and where possible 100% organic.

Healthy people icon

healthy people

Goulter’s supports overall health and wellbeing with vinegar products.

Healthy Community icon

healthy communities

We produce affordable natural products that are effective to use around your house while being safe for people and animals.

Healthy Environment icon

healthy environment

We use locally sourced ingredients for all our products.

Goulter’s actively support a circular economy by offering consumers refill options around the country.

We take back empty bulk containers so they can be re-used.

Universal Wellness icon

universal wellness

Goulter’s produce natural, sustainable products to support your health and wellbeing and that of your family and animals.

We do this so you can enjoy life to the fullest and be an active contributor to healthy communities.

Our Team

Charlie - Goulter's CEO And Fearless Leader


CEO and fearless leader

Second Generational vinegar maker Charlie Goulter oversees the overall smooth running of the factory and the business.

Charlie is the planner and designer of new products and is a whizz at putting quotes together for potential overseas clients.

Charlie also trains the staff around the process of making vinegar. Currently he is planning the move and expansion of the vinegar plant.

As Charlie drives the noisiest vacuum cleaner in the world “It’s all about team work”, he says.

Trish - Goulter's Marketing Manager & Source Of Laughter


Marketing Manager & source of laughter

Trish is our marketing/advertising and sales coordinator. It is her job to ensure social media is managed and to keep business up to speed with what the consumers are wanting.

Trish’s key role is to research and find new markets for their Natural Vinegar products locally and abroad. “We want to ensure our position in the global market continues to grow.” Product development is also part of her key role.

Trish assists Charlie in the future planning and direction of the family business. “Connecting, educating and being a part of community events is really important to us as it is also about giving back.”

No one was harmed in the taking of this photo!

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