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Apple Cider Vinegar Testimonials

Dear folks, I was recently given a bottle of Goulter’s Apple Cider Vinegar, which I had not encountered before. I have used a number of other different brands over the years but this was by far the nicest I have discovered.

I would also like to pass an observation of a possible beneficial effect. I have a benign enlarged prostate, which as you probably know means I often make trips to the toilet during the night. I take medication for this, but it’s not always very effective. Now, I have noticed in the past that if I take a glass of cider vinegar and honey after dinner, sometimes the number of trips reduces. It may be coincidence, but I wonder whether something akin to the grapefruit effect is happening. (There are many medications for which grapefruit is prohibited, as it has a multiplier effect on the medication, in some cases to a dangerous level. Any pharmacist will verify this.)

Anyway, I have noticed that in the last two weeks of using your ACV, the number of night trips has on average diminished, which is very appreciated. I cannot say definitively that your product is the cause, but it does seem to me to be beyond just coincidence.

With warm regards.

One bright spot in our day is Goulter’s Organic ACV vinegar. Floral, delicate and yet sharp – enhances everything. Our latest use is what I call a “Health Drink” (acceptable to hubby). A bit of pink salt, a bit of ACV and warm water in the morning. It’s a bit like a broth and although we don’t always FEEL like having it, we feel lifted and revived AFTER drinking the Health Drink. And it seems to be helping my 60 something skin look a little more youthful on the face. Thank you.

I’ve been using the Apple Cider Capsules twice a day in the morning and then after dinner for about 3 weeks and have found them amazing.
I have pretty to severe reflux and that has calmed right down, so much so that I could stop taking omeprazole and just use the odd quick-eze when I eat something oily or greasy.
But even better than that I had a very coated tongue, do you know that white coating? After only about 3 or 4 days that coating was gone and has stayed gone.
I thoroughly recommend the capsules to  anyone that finds drinking Apple Cider Vinegar a bit difficult because of the strength.

I am a 53 year old woman who was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my early 20’s. IBS is one of those problems that always seemed to crop up at the most awful times and sometimes it didn’t seem to matter what I had eaten. Aside from that I have no health issues and do not take any medication at all. I had heard all sorts of great things about the benefits of starting each day with apple cider vinegar, and although I’m usually quite skeptical, I thought it certainly couldn’t do any harm. Seriously, or as the young ones would say OMG, I could not believe the change in the way my gut felt. No more stomach grumbling, cramping and everything that comes after that! I was told to make sure that I purchased a raw, unfiltered brand and at the time I could only find one on the supermarket shelves. Then a few months ago I discovered that Goulters were making a high quality product right here in Nelson, there was no way I was going to support an overseas company when there was one literally right on my back doorstep. Apple cider vinegar has made a huge difference to me. I know some people don’t like the taste very much, me included, so I mix a small amount of Manuka Honey in with it and it tastes fantastic. My husband in a convert and so are many family members and friends. A big thanks from me.

I LOVE this product! Being a cancer survivor, eating and drinking healthy products (especially organic) is a vital part of my lifestyle. Goulter’s Apple Cider Vinegar fits the bill in this respect due to the high levels of antioxidants associated with apples and more specifically apple skins. The Vinegar has many uses eg in dressings, bottling and preserving foods, as a health tonic and I also add a splash in stock troughs as a preventative for intestinal worms. Even the chooks and dog don’t miss out. I thoroughly recommend it.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) contains high levels of acetic and Malic acid as well as Vitamins, Mineral Salts and Amino Acids. Some of ACV’s active ingredients are soluble fibers in the form of Pectin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Lycopene, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin and Beta-carotene. It also contains other minerals like Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. All of these powerful substances work together and make ACV very effective as an Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal tonic. I am so incredibly grateful that the Goulters have developed this very safe product which I can now use in my home and as a garden spray instead of having to rely on very toxic chemical options. A reliable product produced to high standards by people with integrity who care.

Kiwifruit Vinegar Testimonials

Fabulous! I bought a bottle of Kiwifruit Vinegar when I was visiting Dad a few weeks ago and it is almost all gone! It’s a great alternative to AVC. I would of course prefer if it was organic, but with it being a fermented product I am a little more lenient on my stance. I have been drinking it with sparkling water which is super refreshing and using it in dressings.

I am a long – term sufferer from Interstitial Cystitis (IC) – a disorder whereby my bladder is overly sensitive, causing constant pain and the urgent need to frequently pee (often up to 20 times during the day and up to 10 times during the night!) I have spent many years trying different forms of natural treatments and diets attempting to ease the symptoms such as controlling everything I eat and drink to try to maintain an internal state of alkalinity, however the results are never consistent or ongoing!

Dealing with chronic pain impacts on all aspects of my daily life which can be stressful and at times depressing. However, I am delighted to say that my bladder condition and poor health has dramatically changed since I met with the Goulter family and they encouraged me to try their kiwi fruit vinegar health tonic! The Goulter’s stressed, “The trick is to stick with it for at least four weeks!” Thanks to that great advice and the wonderful healing properties of the product, I am happy to declare that I am living pain free! Two teaspoons of Kiwi fruit Vinegar in warm water each morning and evening keeps my body to remain in a ‘state of alkaline’. It feels great not to be constantly bothered by pain and I am peeing ‘a normal’ 6 times a day and only once during the night. Needless to say, this has improved my sleep, my energy levels and overall mood and well-being. Thank you to the Goulters, for your recommendation, your expert advice and for the remarkable Kiwi Fruit Vinegar Health Tonic that is a life changing, life-support for me!

Honeygar Testimonials

I tried Goulter’s Honeygar last week for the first time while suffering from severe hay fever making me cough almost continuously for days. I drank my first glass and stopped coughing – it was like magic! Honeygar is really palatable and easy to drink. Since then I have included Honeygar into my morning smoothie. It just adds an amazing extra zing to my day. Thank you for a wonderful product.

All Natural Vinegar Cleaner Testimonials

I recently discovered the Goulter’s All Natural Vinegar Cleaner, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. Based in Nelson and made with 100% local products, this cleaner is both incredibly effective and non-toxic for both humans and the environment. What more could you ask for?

I love how this product leaves surfaces beautifully clean without any harsh chemicals, and it’s so easy to use. Plus, the fact that it’s made with all-natural ingredients means I can feel good about using it in my home without worrying about any harmful effects.

But that’s not all – Goulter’s also offers an apple cider vinegar made from organic, locally-sourced apples that has a fantastic, original taste. It’s so delicious and versatile – I use it for cooking, dressing salads, and even as a refreshing drink.

After trying these fantastic products, I now swear by Goulter’s commitment to using natural, locally-sourced ingredients in their products. I highly recommend giving Goulter’s All Natural Vinegar Cleaner and their apple cider vinegar a try – you won’t be disappointed!

I have been using Goulter’s Citrogar cleaning solution and it is fantastic! As a cleaner I have found it so hard to find a completely all natural product with zero animal testing that works so well. I found the best use for Citrogar is in the bathroom when working on domestic cleans. It cuts through soap scum and oils quickly in crevasses, glass and we found that the homes we used it in remained cleaner for longer than those that we didn’t. For an at home user I would recommend leaving Citrogar to sit for a wee bit to reap the full benefits of this product. Although I enjoy the vinegar smell, we were a bit worried at first of the home owners reaction, but the vinegar smell quickly dissipates into nothing as it dries, leaving only the fresh smell of citrus.

I’m delighted to know I can purchase your Citrogar all natural cleaner at Virve in Queen Street, Richmond. I appreciate these natural products and like to support local businesses as well. I get my Goulter’s ACV bottle refilled at The Pantry Door, Stoke. Haven’t tried your Kiwifruit Vinegar yet but I am aiming to very soon. I wish you continuing success as you grow and expand your business.

Your Citrogar is really great on the windows and glass in general. Good in shower also but I have used Shower Witch for some time now and that is also great. Really great on the floor tiles that we have in the bathroom/toilet as well as the kitchen, hearth and other tiled areas that we have. Another unusual use that I tried it on is on the soles of inside shoes and slippers. You would not think that shoes that are solely worn inside get grubby but they do and there are occasions when Tony goes outside in his slippers, it cleans them up a treat! There is one thing that I really do like and that is the clear lettering on the on and off toggle. It is just so easy to read so a real pat on the back for this. It is amazing how hard it is to try and read some of the ready to use sprays to know whether or not you have turned it on or off.

I came across Goulter’s Citrogar cleaner the other week after trying to find an eco friendly cleaner to wash houses down. In my trade the go to cleaner is Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) which is so detrimental to the environment, there need be no more said on that product. The ethos of Pure Eco Painting is to use products that are natural, environmentally friendly and completely safe for use personally. The house I washed down was riddled with mould, mildew and muck that hadn’t been washed in many years. It become spotless and in my opinion out performed other products on the market. It’s natural, safe for the environment and super tough on cleaning power. Pure Eco Painting will be using this product to wash exterior houses in the future. Thanks Goulter’s Vinegar!

WeedX Testimonials

I own a small, environmentally friendly gardening company in Auckland and have searched for years for a suitable herbicide for my team and my clients. I had tried the ‘big name’ brands available in garden centres, but nothing was ever quite effective enough for our needs, until I found WeedX.

I was drawn to WeedX firstly because it is a New Zealand made product that is natural, biodegradable and safe to use around pets and children. The fact that this product is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency is extremely reassuring as caring for the environment is one of our top priorities.

WeedX does a much better job on weeds than any of the other eco products we have tried. We have been using WeedX in our client’s gardens across Auckland’s North Shore for several years now, and would not dream of trying another brand – thank you Goulter’s for creating a safe, environmentally friendly and effective herbicide at last!

Shop for WeedX here https://www.naturalherbicide.co.nz/ 

It’s great to finally have a natural non-toxic spray to use in the nursery, particularly with customers walking through. I use Goulter’s WeedX to keep on top of moss, general weeds and pearl wort. There is a lingering vinegar smell but it only lasts half a day and less in the summer with the heat. We find WeedX is perfect as a “one hit” for the weeds, moss and liver wort. It also does not destroy the soil life.

Shop for WeedX here https://www.naturalherbicide.co.nz/ 

I am writing to say how delighted I was to received your WeedX Natural Herbicide product through the Get Growing competition recently. Such an amazing product when sprayed on the weeds, they shrivel and collapse within a day.  So easy to use and a pleasant vinegar smell as well.

Thank you for such a great prize I was lucky to be the recipient of.

Shop for WeedX here https://www.naturalherbicide.co.nz/ 

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