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#Vinegar is a fabulous multi-purpose kitchen cleaner!
Get #GoultersVinegar new All Natural #VinegarCleaner in spray bottle or bulk.
Powerful cleaning for tiles, baths, drains, sinks, bench tops, stove tops, floors and even fireplace glass doors! More at
https://t.co/QHTeHcJVVl https://t.co/mHvsuJKBM0
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Apple Cider Vinegar doesn't just taste great in a daily health tonic, there are so many more uses that are both healthy and culinary.. check them out at https://t.co/2YbKZ2DK2D

#goultersvinegar #AppleCiderVinegar #NZfood #NZhealth #NZMadeWithCare https://t.co/8J5LOdAIy7
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