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Hi, I just had to write to tell you my experience with your ACV. 13 months ago we moved from Nelson to just outside Murchison together with our three horses and 2 donkeys. We knew the area was a ‘hot spot’ for sand flies but had no idea how bad they would affect our horses/donkeys. They drove them MAD. One our ‘girls’ was bitten between her eyes on the front of her face which became infected. I applied cream recommended by the vet and the bite healed. Determined she should not have to suffer this again, I purchased a fly spray for horses from one of the farm supply companies.

Unfortunately she reacted to the spray and lost the fur from her face, which of course was another blow. We were devastated but I was determined to find an answer to this problem. On searching the net I came across the attached article, purchased 2x bottles of your ACV and proceeded to add it to their feeds. You have no idea how delighted and re- leaved we have been with the results. The sand flies are still around but not biting our horses.

The sand flies leave us alone too, not to mention all the other benefits to our health. After reading the label on the bottle and finding your web site, we shall be calling into your shop in future. Many thanks for such a wonderful product.

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