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Dear folks, I was recently given a bottle of Goulter’s Apple Cider Vinegar, which I had not encountered before. I have used a number of other different brands over the years but this was by far the nicest I have discovered.

I would also like to pass an observation of a possible beneficial effect. I have a benign enlarged prostate, which as you probably know means I often make trips to the toilet during the night. I take medication for this, but it’s not always very effective. Now, I have noticed in the past that if I take a glass of cider vinegar and honey after dinner, sometimes the number of trips reduces. It may be coincidence, but I wonder whether something akin to the grapefruit effect is happening. (There are many medications for which grapefruit is prohibited, as it has a multiplier effect on the medication, in some cases to a dangerous level. Any pharmacist will verify this.)

Anyway, I have noticed that in the last two weeks of using your ACV, the number of night trips has on average diminished, which is very appreciated. I cannot say definitively that your product is the cause, but it does seem to me to be beyond just coincidence.

With warm regards.

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