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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

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Raw Kiwifruit Vinegar

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Animal Health Products

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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

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Affordable products that don't "cost" the earth
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All Natural Vinegar Cleaner

Antiseptic and antibacterial natural vinegar cleaner

Learn about our multipurpose, antiseptic and antibacterial…

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Goulter’s Organic Vinegar for Summertime Camping

We all know that it is a…

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Disclaimer: Please understand Goulter's Vinegar Products Ltd has collected historical anecdotes, recipes and vinegar remedies which are not intended in anyway to be a "medical treaty". We can't guarantee therapeutic effects so please always check with your Doctor before making medical choices. Historically vinegar has been used for centuries to cure all sorts of problems - we are not reinventing the wheel, we simply want to bring about awareness around the benefits of ORGANIC VINEGAR so you can make wise choices for yourself!

Please note: Apple Cider Vinegar and its benefits cannot be substantiated by professional means. Even though ACV is time proven and if a search is done - (benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar) - using Google, you will find lots of examples to be seen. We at Goulter’s Vinegar Products Ltd would like you to make an informed decision for yourself when working out how much ACV to take and when, which is why it is important to do your homework on Apple Cider Vinegar before you decide to take it. You are welcome to ring us at our factory on 03 546 5174 if you would like any further information. Thank you.

Our Timeline

Goulter's Vinegar factory is born Tahunanui, Nelson.

Chosen by Sealords to produce Marinades used in their Mussel products.

Goulter's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar hits New Zealand Supermarket shelves.

Voted as a finalist at the New Zealand Food Awards.

Factory expands.  New state of the art bottling line. Additional staff members.

ACV Health Supplements added to our product range.

Goulter’s organic ACV capsules hit the market.

New Vinegar Cleaners added to our product range – Manuka Magic, Lemon Love and Grannies Apples.

New product Honeygar by Goulter’s to be released in June.

Antiseptic And Antibacterial Natural Vinegar Cleaner

Antiseptic and antibacterial natural vinegar cleaner

Learn about our multipurpose, antiseptic and antibacterial vinegar cleaner – PLUS BIG NEWS!

Hi folks! In light of recent circumstances I thought it would be timely to check in.

We have had a lot of questions about our natural vinegar cleaner, which some of you may not even have heard of! It is obviously always a good idea to keep surfaces clean – but even more so now. For those out there who are not keen on spraying chemicals around – we have an earth and family-friendly option!

You can find our cleaner at New World or online at www.naturalherbicide.co.nz
Look out for some exciting changes coming mid-April – read to the end of the blog to find out more!

Our Vinegar Cleaner is antibacterial and antiseptic while also being biodegradable and non-residual. That means it won’t leave a smeary surface after you wipe it clean – all the bits and pieces leave with the cloth and it may help to keep the germs at bay! It is also ideal for allergy sufferers. We have you covered!

Read below to find out about health researcher and columnist Fiona Timmins’ findings and how it relates to our multipurpose vinegar and citric cleaner –

Here’s a little information for you about coronavirus: There are at least three natural flavonoids which were proven (and published) to prevent the SARS and middle east coronavirus replicating. The flavonoids are protease inhibitors. Protease enzymes are how the virus replicates. 

One of these flavonoids is called Rhoifolin. This is abundant in citrus peel (and pith) of many types of citrus, and grapefruit leaf too. THUS, your orange vinegar cleaner will be an important surface agent, should the Covid-19 virus begin to spread in this country. This particular strain (whatever its origins – lab or natural) is spread by air, and thus far, appears to have an incubation period of 24 days. You probably know all this. So the orange vinegar spray could also be used as a disinfecting “mist”. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people infected and suffering in less than effective conditions elsewhere in the world.

Fiona Timmins – Health researcher and columnist.

Click here to read a cool tip from Fiona on how to use Apple Cider Vinegar!

If you would like to purchase our Multipurpose Vinegar Cleaner, you can currently find it at New World under the brand “Citrogar” or online here.

Which brings me to our exciting news! (drumroll…)

We are launching a brand new look for our antibacterial, antiseptic multipurpose cleaner, PLUS two brand new scents! From mid April, you can look out for “Lemon Love”, “Manuka Magic” and “Grannies Apples”. They will be easy to spot on the shelves! We are really excited to be sharing this with you. The team have been working really hard to get it all just right!

Below is a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the next month!

All Natural Vinegar Cleaner Antibacterial Antiseptic

Stay well everyone, top yourself up with our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar , and don’t forget you can buy online!

Much love and goodness, the team at Goulter’s – The Vinegar People.

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